Our previous Chairman, Richard Jones, and his team of merry swimmers, are hitting the Channel this month raising funds for Addenbrookes Charitable Trust. See a message below from the man himself,

In a couple of weeks, five of us will be swimming the Channel to France and then back.  We’ve been training for months in cold water in rivers and lakes as well as in Dover.  We’ve trained with 10km races in the Thames and endless time in the pool.  On the day we’ll be struggling with sea sickness, jellyfish (probably being thrown at me by the pilot if I’m not quick enough) and supertankers.  We’ve also been braving having to add a layer of fat to reduce the effects of the cold.  Seriously if I have to eat another piece of chocolate cake.. well I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

There’s a link below for anyone inclined to support a wonderful charity where we’re raising money for Addenbrookes Charitable Trust, and more particularly, a fund to research gastric issues in children.

Just Giving page

Three of the Foolish Five below…

The Foolish Five

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