Welcome back to the club for a new season!! I’m really excited to

be your new Chairman.

I so hope that this season will be rewarding and great fun for

everyone. To help the management team develop and improve the

club for the benefit of all, please could you spare 10 minutes of

your time to complete this online survey;

http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/8e80SjXP. The survey can be

completely anonymous as I just value your honest and open

opinion, if you do feel able to leave your contact details it

will help us to use the feedback in your specific area. It’s open

for the next 10 days so please complete it as soon as you can!

In addition, please come and talk to me in person, by phone or

e-mail and share any thoughts you have about the future and

general management of this club. It is the members who make this

club and I want each and every member to have a voice and to know

that they are heard. To those who give their free time and

commitment to the benefit of this club you are special and I am

incredibly grateful for your continued support.

I look forward to a successful year with great results, goals,

promotions, trophies, social events and, most importantly, great


Best wishes to you all for the year ahead.


St Ives HC Chair

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