Our 8 week Summer Fitness programme begins on 12 July and runs to the end of August.

The sessions will focus on cardio, strength and hockey related fitness. Participants must be 13+ and sessions will be charged at £4.00 per person; this fee will be added to your monthly direct debit (ensure your bank details are valid on your account).

Wear appropriate clothing, bring lots of water and make sure you only attend if you are injury free***

***It is the person attending personal responsibility to be suitably hydrated and fuelled (eaten!) before the sessions. Any injury should be declared prior to training to the coach. If an injury occurs during training to declare it immediately. It will be the coaches decision to remove anyone from training who they do not feel is able to complete the training. (Due to wellbeing/injury). The first session, the coach will conduct the warm up, following sessions the warm up should be completed prior to the start time of 7.30 – minimum expectation being the warm up shown in week one.

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