With the end of season looming, it is vital that we make sure all accounts are settled before the end of April so we can start afresh in 2018/19.

Many direct debit accounts encountered a fault a few months ago, so payments haven’t been debited from certain accounts.

Please check your personal bank account, if you notice that monies aren’t being debited from St Ives HC on a monthly basis it is highly likely that your DD isn’t working. Don’t panic, the fix is EASY!

Plase log into the website and go to your ‘Account’ page and then click ‘edit settings’. You will now find yourself on the DD page, quite simply cancel your current DD settings and re-enter your information again. This action will reset your account and payments will start to be taken.

If you notice a large balance on your account and would like to settle asap please contact [email protected] for our bank account details.

All debts should be settled by the end of the season, so please take action immediately.

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