Time to dust off the old astros, re-tape your stick and rinse your gob guard. Fitness based pre-season is running through August, starting on Weds 6th August.

Monday’s will continue to be:

7-8pm – Ness’ Back to hockey. Aimed at developing and improving skills, £3

8-9pm – HIIT & Hockey. 25min circuit training followed by small sided games, £3 (free if attending B2H)

Wednesday’s will be:

7.30-8.30pm – Club pre-season. Stick and ball workout. Expect to sweat, £3

8.30-9.30pm – Ladies & Men’s 1s & 2s pre-season by invitation, £5 for both hours

*NB – Weds 22nd August will be Men’s 1s v 2s from 8.30pm

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