We offer hockey to juniors from ages 3 onwards with sessions for all abilities, with the aim of moving into the senior section once juniors eligible and comfortable doing so. To facilitate this we also run ‘Badgers’ games where youngsters are paired with ‘wiser’ heads to learn about the roles and skills

Junior Sessions currently run on a Monday Night

Your child will play in a group with similar ability children. It is up to the coach of that session to move players up to the next group, when the coach considers them mentally and physically ready to compete at the next stage. Age is not an indicator of the group that your child should be playing in. If you wish to speak to a coach about your child, please do so but at a time when it will not interfere with the session that the coach is in charge of. 


We currently run 4 Ladies’ and 5 Men’s teams across a range of divisions (you can see the current divisions here )