AdrianWelcome2020In case you are reading our website and wondering whether to join St Ives Hockey

Club, Welcome! and we very much hope to see you as a member of our great club!

As I enter my second year as Chairman, I would have liked to have said (calmly)

how I reflected on a great year and look forward to the next. Clearly, with Covid

impacting every part of our lives, and having done so since March, this year has

been anything but routine!

As I write this, I am delighted to say that under some sensible controls, training has


Many thanks to all who have made this possible – even sorting out

additional sessions to cater for the large number of people wanting to break out of

lock-down and get on the pitch.

Even if Covid is the biggest thing, the committee has worked hard and succeeded to move the club forward in the last year, working on the documentation, website and policies, bringing it up to date with the best there is. And we have started to make steps towards a new pitch, even if we have just had the pitch ‘rejuvenated’.

St Ives is a very special club and I am determined to help keep it that way. As always, we are short of volunteers for a number of small tasks so please do let us know if you can help in any way. But, if the last year and the way the committee members have responded to the Covid crisis then we can have no doubts for the future!